We create universes.

Our goal is to make games that create an immersive and richly rewarding experience for players. We don't want people to merely play our games, but to learn from them, to grow with them, and walk away a more inspired person than when they started.

Make something beautiful.

Video games are works of art. They are not to be packaged and stamped out on a factory line every year like clockwork. They are hand-crafted dreams made reality: engaging, mysterious, satisfying, invigorating, chilling, and sometimes even terrifying...

Push the boundaries.

Developing games isn't just about repeating old paradigms, but forging new ones. We're not just coders, designers, and artists — we're inventors who hope to bring you new experiences and take you places you've never been before.

We're Artists

Artists bring games to life though visual and auditory immersion. Whether making photo-realistic assets or pixel graphics, our artists adhere to the highest standards of excellence to bring you a breathtaking and unforgettable experience.

We're Coders

Just as every castle needs a foundation, every game needs people to construct the underlying structure that brings everything together. But we believe code can be beautiful too, which is why we don't just hire programmers, we hire visionaries.

We're Designers

Game designers? These people exist? I thought you just needed programmers and 3D modellers to build games... right? Though the role of Game Designers is often under-appreciated elsewhere, we've gone to great lengths recruiting only the best and brightest for our team.

Our Games

We're Hiring!

UE4 Developer/C++ Wizard

We're looking for experienced UE4/C++ Developers who want to help drive the engine development. Applicants with specializations in areas such as physics, procedural generation, artificial intelligence, or other areas are especially preferred.

Concept Artists

Calling all talented concept artists to help us bring our visions to life! Concept Artists are the first step in the creative design process, and we could another to help us conjure up ideas for creatures, characters, structures, ships, environments, and more.

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